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Standard Sight Glasses

Our sight glasses allow direct visual observation of processes within industrial pipes, tanks, and vessels. Most competing units consist of a piece of glass sandwiched between two metal flanges. By contrast, our sight windows are designed to circumvent the significant limitations of such designs, and provide the users with an easily maintained installation that offer large margins of safety. Custom safety sight glasses can be designed to meet your exact specifications.

The majority of our units are Factory Mutual approved. The following standard models are available for immediate ordering at (800) 624-9043 (click on any listing for a product description, engineering details, materials of construction, and unit image).

Model L Weld

Model L Weld >

The Model L is a weld unit featuring a better seal and lower maintenance needs than competing models.
Model B Weld

Model B Weld >

The Model B weld unit offers safety and strength in a low-maintenance package.
Model I Weld

Model I Weld >

The Model I weld unit is a solution where corrosion resistance is only needed on wetted parts of a sight glass.


Oblong >

Oblong sight glasses are typically specified to serve as both a liquid level gauge and large sight window to easily observe a process fluid.
Bull's Eye Sight Glasses

Bull's Eye Sight Glasses >

Bull's Eye units offer the highest pressure and temperature ratings of any sight glass.
Hinged Closure Sight Glass

Hinged Closure Sight Glass >

Provides convenient access to the process without the need to fully disassemble and re-assemble a unit.
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